Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Working out what to keep, store and bin...

Kalau lagi beres-beres rumah, seringkali kita bingung memutuskan barang mana yang mau disimpan, mana yang mau dibuang...pusyiiiiingg...(kata Peggy MS)
Serasa semua barang penting dan berguna... he...he...he...

Nah, berikut ini beberapa tips buat ibu-ibu (terutama buat aku nih...) tentang benah berbenah 'sampah' yang disarikan dari majalah Notebook, edisi May 2007:

  • have a plan : you can start by looking at the areas you need to reorganise and then work out how long it will take to deal with each one. If you can not do it all in one go, set aside, say 20-30 minutes each day (or a day in a week or a couple of hours on the weekend).
  • before you begin : make sure you have a plenty of rubbish bags (to throw away) ;-O, cardboard boxes (to store), packing tape and markers handy.
  • be ruthless : when it comes to deciding what to keep, ask yourself: do I use? do I really really need it? do I love it? then divide the items you are prepared to throw out into two piles - one for the garbage and the other for charity (you can wash, launder and repair any items for charity).
  • categories: once you have identified things you intend to keep, divide them into three categories: a. things you use everyday (need to be stored in handy and in an easy-to-reach-position); b. things you use occasionally ; and c. those you use rarely (these two categories are lesser-used so need to be stored in out-of-the-way-places such as on top cupboards or under beds).
  • don't make clutter out of clutter: get rid of it straight away - take it to the tip or charity shops/institutions rather-than storing it neatly in the garage.
  • preventative measures: to ensure the clutter does not 'pile up' again, dedicate five minutes a day to dealing with incoming paperwork, look at your clothes every six months and appraise howares annually. Open the mail over the bin, sort out the kicthen drawer while you wait for the kettle to boil, and have permanent spot in the home for things to donate.

So...it is all about training yourself into a few good habits...

Selamat berbenah.... ;-)

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