Monday, August 4, 2008

what to do before walk away....

Thinking of quit your current job?
Studies show that almost half of us feel unhappy at work - but is it really time to quit?
Here few things to consider before you throw in the towel (Marie Claire, August 2008):

  • Pinpoint the problem : According to Dr Glyn Brokensha, a workplace psychoterapist that sometimes the real problem lie outside the office... a lot of people who say they are dissatisfied with their jobs are actually dissatisfied with other areas of their lives, such as their relationships and so on.

  • Write down the pros and cons : before handing in your resignation, it's time to put pen to paper, make a list of the five qualities that you most and least want in any job, Dr Brokensha advises. Do you crave a more creative role, or do you value a work-life balance? Comparing these criteria to your current job will help you to identify exactly what's going wrong - and whether you need a major career change or to simply tweak the role you're already in.

  • Take control and have a purpose : research has shown that the more control workers have over their jobs, the happier they are. Feeling like you have an autonomy can triple your risk of depression. To combat this, Jim Bright, a career specialist recommends reassessing your work - from your progress to your prospects - every three months. This will help you stay motivated. Alternatively, Dr Brokensha suggests taking on more responsibilities.

  • Talk to your boss : there's no point in searching for a new job if you haven't considered the opportunities right under your nose. Jane Lowder, a career coah of Max Coaching, advises: approach your boss early, often they're the last t know if their employees are unhappy and they're the ones most capable of accommodating your needs. Many employers are happy to fund external or in-house training.

So...hope they're help you...

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